Weird animated SciFi short – Malice: The Alien Wars

I’m not sure why I’m posting this, except that it does show a lot of work went into the production (if not a whole lot of plotting, directing, and writing).

Amateur film-maker Jay Shah has been working on this movie for over a year. It’s a 3-D animated feature that, I suppose, appeals to the classic cliche fanboy.

After the glorious and challenging destruction of the Underground Hellzoth base at Earth, Malice and Zoc return to Zoc’s home planet Zelligolga 7. Malice is shown Zoc’s alien home planet for the first time and wants to see and enjoy everything they have to offer. As Malice is relaxing and meets her much ALIVE helper from the Hellzoth Underground base, Dead Boy, AKA Kyle, Carver The Evil Rabbit shows up mysteriously and threatens to kill Malice and her new friend. …

The mayhem ensues from there on and it seems like the film pays homage to “Alice and Wonderland”, “Tron”, and Arnold Schwarzenneggar — or maybe just Dire Straits’ “I want my MTV” video. I’m not sure which.

If you have about 10 minutes’ spare time, you don’t need to read any more of my meanderings. Just watch the film and be sure not to let your jaw hit the floor. Jay, I give you credit for being able to create animation — I can’t do it by any measure.


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