Coca-cola fantasy commercials

There is nothing quite like a big brand commercial that shows a lot of thought and money went into its production. Coming from the southeastern United States I definitely grew up on Coca-Cola and RC Cola products, so I’m biased against the Pepsi generations. Still, I wish the soft drink companies would do away with all the high fructose corn syrup. Maybe it reduces their production costs but the sodas don’t taste nearly as good as when they use natural sugars and I don’t really care for all the bad health side effects associated with high fructose corn syrup.

That said, I cannot help but love the fantasy critters that occasionally pop up in Coca Cola commercials. I wish they would do more of these.

This first video is titled “Arctic Beach Party” (on YouTube — I don’t know what the ad agency called it). This is really the third or fourth polar bear commercial, if I recall correctly.

This is a Swedish Christmas commercial for Coke (the “Jul” you see at the end is, I am sure, Swedish for Yule). This is actually the most entertaining of the four, in my opinion.

This is my favorite coke commercial of all time, until they make a better one. I used to see this often in movie theaters and I think it has now made the transition to television. It’s extremely creative and plays to that childhood fantasy mindset where you wonder if there really aren’t little people inside all machines making things work out right. This video is title “Coca-Cola Happiness Factory” on YouTube.

This last video is a High Definition video so I don’t know how well WordPress will handle it. I have never seen it before but it reminded me of “District 9”, “V”, “Alien Nation”, and “Independence Day” so I don’t know where it took its inspiration from (and maybe that is intentional). The YouTube title is “Coke Babies” (which gives away the surprise, I guess).

Coca-Cola has no connection with this article. They did not endorse it or ask me to write it or in any way participate in the production of this article. I have received no compensation for posting this.


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