SEO Theory and Google

It seems that Google Blogsearch has stopped updating another blog I write for, SEO Theory, because I no longer write for it on a daily basis. Now, Google Web Search (which most of you prefer over Blogsearch) indexes the SEO Theory blog just fine. So why should I (or you) care about Blogsearch?

Frankly, I don’t know why you should care about Blogsearch but I do. I guess that’s just a consequence of my career choices.

In any event, blogs here on and on other services like benefit from the intraservice search feature that sends random traffic to all blogs. People don’t have to use Google’s Blogsearch to find good blogs, much less blogs about science fiction (or SEO theory).

And, of course, WordPress also has that neat intra-service tagging feature as well as the related posts feature to help member blogs trade visitors. I participate in both tags and related posts.

But standalone blogs (which the SEO community prefers for reasons too many and long to go into here) don’t benefit from all those inter-blog thingamajigees. They have to get their traffic the old-fashioned way: from links, blogroll links, and normal search. So being found in Blogsearch just helps a little bit more (even for a blog like this one, which is hosted on a great service like

In any event, I write another SEO blog called Best SEO Blog and THAT blog — even though I only post to it twice a week (most weeks) is still updated in Google Blogsearch very quickly. SEO Theory, however, is not updated in Blogsearch very quickly because I only make occasional posts there.

You might say, “Well, maybe your blog just isn’t important enough to be included in quick indexing any more”. And you’d be absolutely reasonable to say that (perhaps even correct, but we have no way of knowing why Google does what it does). The fact is that SEO Theory is not as useful as it once was because I don’t update it very often.

But what happens to other blogs? Same thing, as I was able to determine. I maintain quite a few blogs, some for work, some for personal purposes. Another work-related blog that had not been updated for a couple of months (and which is hosted on Blogspot, Google’s own service) has dropped out of Google’s indexes. Why? I believe because it’s not being updated. I’ve scheduled about a week’s worth of posts for it to see what happens.

But the bottom line for science fiction bloggers is that science fiction blogs already struggle for visibility. It’s not like every SF blogger is going to obtain tons of traffic anyway but every little bit helps.

Google Blogsearch was pretty good about indexing all sorts of blogs up until October of last year. Then they redesigned the service and after that time a lot of blogs I used to be able to find simply vanished. I think the only common factor to them all is that they were not all updated on a frequent and regular basis.

If you’re writing a scifi blog and you don’t find yourself in Google Blogsearch, trying posting 2-3 articles a week on a regular basis. If after 3 weeks you see no improvement, I would be interested in hearing back from you (you can contact me privately if you don’t want to leave a comment here).

The blog post that started me on this topic is here. You can see it in Google Websearch but not in Blogsearch.


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