Following Gabriel Cowan’s “Growth”

I never heard of Gabriel Cowan (as best I can recall) until a few days ago when I stumbled across the trailer for “Growth”, an independent science fiction horror flick. (That link, btw, takes you to the other SF-Fandom blog, where I often post content you won’t find on this blog).

Most of these movies I never really hear anything more about, though I try to keep an eye for news about them. In this case I did find a few blogs where people mention working on the film and discuss it in the context of larger topics. Those are both WordPress blogs and they may appear in the related links below this article. I’m not sure.

On of the interesting points made on the Background Actor blog is that the movie was filmed using a Red One camera. This is, I am told, the latest state of the art in video technology (or was earlier this year). One of the people from Star Trek: Phoenix told me they are using a Red One camera, too.

“Growth” is generating a little bit of buzz in the science fiction and fantasy related media and blogmedia. For example, you can find the “Growth” one sheet on Twitch.

I wanted to put together a little blog post that rounds up the sites I know about that discuss “Growth”. If you know of any others, please leave a comment with a link. Inappropriate links will be deleted, of course.


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