Jermaine Clement as Dr. Ronald Chevalier in real life – a fantasy book reading

Okay, did you get all that? Gentleman Broncos is (I think) a low-budget or independent or artistic science fiction film starring or co-starring Jermaine Clement as Dr. Ronald Chevalier.

The clip you’re about to watch below is not from the movie. Nor is it a trailer for the movie. Clement did a reading (as Dr. Chevalier) at Book People (somewhere in Texas, I think — I never heard of it, having lived in Texas a while).

Are you still with me? Dr. Chevalier (who has a YouTube Channel even though he is not a real person) has been a real science fiction writer (in this science fiction or fantasy movie) since he was 13 (he’s all grown up now, except emotionally). Among other undisclosed things and duties pertaining to being a grown up science fiction author whizkid, Dr. Chevalier teaches kids to write science fiction at a summer camp.

And there he meets Benjamin (Michael Angarano in this life) who has a great story idea. Dr. Chevalier, having burned out on ideas, steals Benjamin’s idea — and the movie of course takes us into Benjamin’s psyche and leads us through havoc and mayhem that Jermaine Clement — I mean, Dr. Ronald Chevalier — could not possibly have imagined.

At least, I think that is what it’s all about. I haven’t actually seen the film, but it sounds interesting.


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