Trailer for “Where The Wild Things Are”

Spike Jonze’ Where The Wild Things Are has to be the most anticipated film of 2009. I’ve watched the trailers so many times in theaters and online and listened to other people express the same feeling of amazement and wonder that I have, that I am sure this movie will be a huge, huge hit. So many people want to see it around here that I suspect I may have to buy my tickets NOW.

Oh yes, the movie opens in theaters tomorrow, October 16.

You know, I’ve complained about the sucky Web sites that Warner Brothers tends to put together for its movies. The official site for “Where The Wild Things Are” actually has some content. Even so, it’s just so lame. I really wish they would spend some time cruising fan sites and see what people really want to find on a cool Web site.

I loved this book when I was a kid. In fact, I’ve rarely met anyone who had not read Maurice Sendak’s classic children’s story, either when they were a child or when they had their own children. It just ignites the imagination and I can well understand why Spike Jonze took 3 years to make the movie. He wanted to do it right (and Maurice Sendak was involved in the production as well).

I’m pumped and ready to see the movie.


2 responses to “Trailer for “Where The Wild Things Are”

  1. How’d you like it?

  2. I really enjoyed it. I wrote a review here.

    In short, I thought it was more of a grown up film but I think if parents discuss it with their kids it will be quite all right to take them.

    There are a few points in the film where I wondered if Max wasn’t in serious danger. It gradually dawned on me just who the monsters really were.

    It’s a fantastic movie but it’s more of a thinking movie than an escapist fantasy.