Hard Core SEO Tips

For the past several years I have written about SEO theory on the SEO Theory blog. On October 16, 2007 I was stumped for a topic to write about, and since I was committed to writing 5 articles a week I decided I would just spin off a list of 20 ideas that challenged conventional SEO wisdom.

People loved the article and so on October 16, 2008 I decided to do another one like it. The second 20 ideas list was not as popular as the first but it still received a lot of interest. And this year I was already thinking ahead to this October 16 when people started asking me if I would write another 20 Hard Core SEO Tips articles.

These are not the kinds of tips you’ll find on the average SEO blogs. These tips are not focused on link building and doing all the invasive, annoying stuff that rouses such much ill will toward the SEO community. Rather, these tips challenge people knowledgeable in basic search engine optimization techniques to improve their skill and be more courteous to other Webmasters.

Not everyone agrees with the principles I teach because I focus on fundamental concepts about creating good content, being respectful of other people’s Web sites, and emphasizing the value you can provide to the Web (rather than what value you can suck out of it). Nonetheless, many people have expressed sincere appreciation for these articles.

I don’t know if I can continue writing 20 Hard Core SEO Tips articles every year, but I’m pleased to say I was able to write one this year. I invite you to take a look at the articles. You don’t have to be an SEO guru to understand the ideas. You don’t have to be a professional Webmaster or marketer to use many of these ideas.

They may be advanced SEO techniques, but they are advanced techniques anyone can use — if they want to.


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