Asylum about to release the OTHER “John Carter” movie

Up until now I was unaware of this project, as best I can recall. However, while browsing the Web I came across this article about Traci Lords appearing in a new adaptation of “A Princess of Mars”.

Really? Really.

A studio called The Asylum is releasing a direct-to-DvD adaptation of “A Princess of Mars” in December. Traci Lords stars as Dejah Thoris. Antonio Sabàto, Jr stars as John Carter. Based on the production stills I see on the site, I would say this is not a movie for ERB purists. However, I don’t want to take anything away from Lords and Sabato.

The director and screenwriter credits are given to Mark Atkins, who apparently has other ERB-inspired work in mind (“The Land That Time Forgot” being mentioned in his profile on IMDB).

A Princess Of Mars was published in 1912 and is therefore a public domain property. So it should not be surprising that a small-budget studio is seeking to capitalize on interest in the Disney/Pixar studios production (if, in fact, they are trying to ride the coat-tails of the big-budget production).

I found a couple of people have written about the Direct-to-DvD “Princess of Mars” over the past couple of months so here are some links:

If I find out anything else, I’ll be sure to post it here but, frankly, I doubt this 90-minute movie will make much of a buzz.


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  1. Mark Atkins is better known as a cinematographer. He takes that role for “A Princess of Mars”, as well as that of director. However, on the other Burroughs film you mention, “Land That Time Forgot”, he was cinematographer only. It’s already available (direct-to-DVD). I liked it more than many critics and if you’re interested my review is here:

    It’s a modernisation of the original novel — and, like all of The Asylum’s films, low-budget. But for me it worked.

    The Asylum is a rather large exploitation production company whose films range from terrible to good (in a low-budget way). They’re very prolific and are known for doing films that in title and concept mimic upcoming or current big-budget films. They’ve been branching out a bit more lately and to my mind making some decent independent films.

    I’ll be posting some more on the Asylum’s “A Princess of Mars” soon.

    [By the way, I’m not Robert T. Hood. Robert M. Hood actually, but I write without the middle initial.]

  2. Sorry about the mixup on your name. I’ll fix it in the article after I post this comment.

    And I appreciate the additional detail.

    I don’t mind low budget productions. What I mind is wooden acting, bad scripting, and terrible direction. We’ve seen that on large and small budget productions.

    These guys just caught me by surprise. I’ve been trying to scan blogs and find everything “John Carter” for over a year.

  3. No worries, Michael.

    Here’s some more images from “Princess of Mars”. Traci Lords as Dejah Thoris:

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