“The Poster”, a Twilight Zone tribute film

This is a pretty amazing homage to Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone. Evan Peters’ “The Poster” tells the story of a young man, Anthony, who works in a comic book store. Everyone picks on him and the girl of his dreams ends up with a total jerk. One day, Anthony cannot take the abuse any longer. A mysterious poster appears and begins to help him deal with his tormentors.

Of course, Anthony’s life is a living hell so the apparent cause of his salvation is not necessarily going to be any better. In classic Twilight Zone fashion, Anthony takes matters too far and allows the situation to seize control over his life.

Evan Peters is from Louisville, KY where he gave a radio interview in May (which you can listen to here — it starts playing automatically). I cannot find an official Web site for Peters but he does have a YouTube channel and a Vimeo profile (where you can watch a “Making of ‘The Poster'” short feature).

Another project he has produced and promoted is “Wheelchair Defender”, a name I have come across before. Peters has been showing “The Poster”, which stars Justin Toon and Destiny White, at film festivals around the country. Peters himself has a brief role in the film.

Here is Part One of “The Poster”:

Here is Part Two of “The Poster”:

Here is Part Three of “The Poster”:


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