Xena has many skills

If you have never seen a masquerade or cosplay you’re missing out on some of the most creative experiences in science fiction and fantasy fandom. I’ve watched quite a few (and even judged one or two) through the years but am by no means any expert in the field. Every now and then you see a pretty good skit from an amateur. The professional teams almost always deliver a solid performance and they deserve a lot of respect for the hard work they put in.

As a long-time Xena fan I could not help but appreciate this particular skit. The video quality is pretty good although it appears to have been filmed from the audience. The recording/voiceover is typical for many skits. As I watched the video for the first time, I was reminded of the first season episode where Xena revealed she could embroider to Gabrielle. “You can embroider?” Gabrielle asked incredulously. “I have many skills,” Xena replied haughtily. She went on to prove that through several more seasons of thigh-smacking fun.

This skit is a good tribute to the warrior princess of many skills.


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