Student Short Films – SciFi Episode

The three videos below comprise Episode 14 of “Student Short Films”, a cable channel show in Bloomington, Minnesota. Laurence Levesque, the show’s host, uploads the episodes to his YouTube Channel. Here is how he describes his show/channel:

These are the films that no one sees, but everyone should be watching.

“Student Short Films” is a half hour, weekly cable access television show which airs on Bloomington’s Channel 16 (BCAT) Sunday through Friday at midnight as well as 11other cable access stations in the US.

All student films are aired front to back in full, no edits or cuts. Nothing is censored. Ever.

All the films in this episode are quite good. I especially liked “Haoma”, a French film based on a Zoroastrian concept (but I just think the film is cool).


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