Emma Watson most bankable actress of past decade

Who’da thought a muggle-born witch girl who struggled to gain the respect of her classmates in her first year of school would be named the most bankable film character of the decade? Technically, Emma Watson was named most bankable actress — generating more film revenue than such well-known personalities like Keira Knightly and Natalie Portman.

Dame Maggie Smith (whose lengthy career has probably been overshadowed by her work as Professor McGonagall in the Harry Potter movies) also made the list of “most bankable actress” with Emma. Which just goes to show that, given the right opportunities, our great actors can still achieve great things. The film industry is notorious for giving up on actors after they reach a certain age. Women, in particular, feel the pressure to “stay young, stay sexy” if they want to keep their film careers moving forward.

Way to go, Emma and Maggie.


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