Celebrity News archive rebuilt, moved

Xenite.Org maintains a small Celebrity news site that rounds up news headlines for people like Alec Baldwin (“The Shadow”), Angelina Jolie (“Tomb Raider”), Joshua Jackson (Fringe), Steven Spielberg, and many other people who have been popular with visitors to the Xenite.Org network (although I have to admit I never understood why people kept searching Xenite for “Jenna Jameson” but I added a section for her, too).

I created an auto-archiving function earlier this year which didn’t quite work out properly. I ended up with two archive directories in each news section and the wrong directories were being linked to. Kind of frustrating when you click on Natalie Portman’s news page, see there is an archive of stories, and then you find it hasn’t updated since July.

Unfortunately, that’s a consequence of the cobbler not having time to make shoes for his kids. At work I pay more attention to detail and try to fix things on a timely basis when they break (or get one of my team to do it). At home, poor Xenite might go months before a broken link is fixed. This time around it was hundreds of broken links.

So, anyway, if you’re a Rachel Weisz, Brad Pitt, or Tom Cruise science fiction fan (or non-SF fan) you might enjoy browsing the news pages and the archives. Or not. I create that news site on a whim a couple of years ago because people kept searching Xenite for these celebrity names. I decided if I added some content people might at least find something relevant. Unfortunately I just haven’t had enough time to really put all the pieces together.

You can browse the archive from the Celebrity News Sitemap page. I haven’t had time to build a better primary index for the new archive yet.

Go figure.


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