Hobbit Movie news archive updated

Speaking of updating news archive sections on Xenite.Org, earlier this month I found a pretty serious issue was blocking the auto-archive function for Xenite’s Hobbit Movie News site. Xenite.Org has been reporting on Tolkien- and Lord of the Rings movie-related news longer than any other Web site but we had to change our format years ago.

Late last year I had the idea of auto-archiving the story links we were collecting from the Web (many sites do this already). I built a prototype system to prove to myself I could do it and then tried to do that for the Hobbit movie news site, which I expanded to include Guilermo del Toro news (and Tolkien news). All seemed well but I forgot I had years ago implemented some controls on the Xenite server to prevent some of the better known robots from scraping its content.

Well, that trick effectively blocked the auto-archive feature so from July to early December I managed to collect hardly any news archives at all. I had not been happy with the way I structured the archive directories anyway so I finally found time (and energy) earlier this month to yank the old archive and re-engineer the entire thing.

It now seems to be working much better. You should be able to browse daily news archives for J.R.R. Tolkien news, Hobbit movie news, and Guillermo del Toro news.


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