One last word about Green Police

So it was just pointed out to me that there is a pretty good article about the various Green Police grass roots environmental movements around the world.

Since I wrote several articles about Science Fiction and Environmentalism last week (including the Should Man Change His Environment essay that sparked some interest), I’ve received some private comments about my ideas — which I suppose are not as radical as I thought they might be.

Green Police are stepping up to the environmental plate to ensure that environmental regulations already on the books are properly enforced. They might be local agencies, national agencies, or even affiliated with Interpol (or perhaps some other international police initiative I have not yet heard about).

I don’t want to give the impression that I was just wildly patching disparate themes together. I think that science fiction has a long history of looking at environmental issues and that it will continue to do so in many ways.

So, anyway, that’s probably my last word on the subject for now.


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