Please help non-profit jobs network

You don’t have to have ever heard of to understand the need for helping non-profit organizations find good employees. has been helping the non-profit community for 15 years. Unfortunately, the Great Recession of 2008-2009 (which ain’t so great) has devastated non-profit funding and hiring.

Idealist is feeling the bitter sting of recessionary pressures.

Here is an excerpt from a story I found on The Daily Tell this morning:

A large percentage of’s budget comes from small fees the website charges organizations for job postings. Not surprisingly, the economic meltdown of 2008 has had a devastating effect on this portion of’s budget. Nonprofit groups went through extensive hiring freezes, and cut back on posting job listings. As a result, Idealist found its budget nearly cut in half, leaving them in the red for $100,000 a month. For sixteen long months, has managed to survive on a leaner budget, but they are now at a fiscal breaking point. is now reaching out to the community that they have assisted for more than fifteen years. The organization is calling on anyone whom Idealist has helped find a job or volunteer opportunity, or has simply been inspired to make a difference in this troubled world. Idealist has set a fiscal goal of $500,000 to stabilize the website. The team at Idealist is seeking to diversify its revenue stream so it will never face this fiscal crisis again. But Idealist cannot achieve this goal without your help. To date, more than 6,100 Idealist supporters have stepped forward, raising an impressive $200,000.

How can you help? If you cannot make a direct donation to the organization you can still use your blog or forums or email newsletters or SOMETHING to help spread the word to other people. I think it’s a worthy cause.

What do you think?


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