Avatarize yourself on the Web

Fans of the James Cameron spectacular movie “Avatar” can create images of themselves as Na’vi characters. I didn’t have a good picture available to work with so the image below does not do justice to what the tool can do.

Michael Martinez has Avatarized himself to look like one of the Na'vi.

Play with it at Avatarize Yourself.

You can choose between two backgrounds, two sexes, and two moods. You can also add a message up to 300 characters in length and you can share the image.

Here is a sharable URL for my image: Michael Martinez has been Avatarized.

You can also add an Avatarize Yourself widget to various social media platforms including WordPress, Blogger, and Facebook (among others).


One response to “Avatarize yourself on the Web

  1. Earl Cooley III

    I Avatarized the iconic Crying Glenn Beck. It worked pretty well.