Fringe fenzy heats up with pre-reviews

The Battalion offers a spoiler-laden review of this Thursday’s Fringe episode, which focuses on how and why Walter Bishop (John Noble) crossed over to the other universe to kidnap that universe’s Peter Bishop in a scheme to replace his own dead son.

The review gives the episode a 3-out-of-4 favorable rating, so if you don’t want to see spoiler details don’t read the review.

I’m looking forward to the episode and don’t mind spending a few electrons gushing over the show.

Fringe is one of the most imaginable re-imaginings of a hodge-podge of science fiction cliches I have seen in a long time. I think the show is campy, lovable, cool, neo-scientific, and just plain interesting in all sorts of ways.

But I’m tired of playing the Observer Game. I’d like to know more about them without having to squint at every scene trying to see when one appears.

And are they going to bring back Observer Boy? Is that storyline done?

Is it Thursday yet?


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