John Carter of Mars tidbits

In an interview with Collider a few days ago, actor Bryan Cranston divulged some details about his part in the upcoming Andrew Stanton film “John Carter of Mars”.

Cranston plays a Union colonel who tracks Carter down to Arizona after the Civil War in an attempt to recruit him. Cranston says they have a couple more weeks of filming of which he is part, and he’ll be in Utah. Does that mean his character is transported to Mars with Carter?

That is not necessarily too far beyond what Edgar Rice Burroughs himself imagined. There was a character in a later book, Ulysses Paxton, who also traveled to Barsoom to become one of that planet’s heroes. Paxton was introduced in the 6th book in the series, The Master Mind of Mars, and he was a soldier who died in France during the Great War (World War I).

It’s impossible to tell from what I know so far whether Cranston’s character is based on Ulysses Paxton. It would be an interesting twist to the series’ premise. I would guess Stanton likes the character but is doubtful of being able to take the series beyond three films.

MovieScore Magazine reported earlier this month that Oscar winning composer Michael Giacchino has been signed to do the soundtrack for the movie. Giacchino did the score for Disney’s “Up” (fantastic movie, btw — you should see it if you haven’t already).

The Guardian chatted with Michael Chabon while he was in London touching up the John Carter script but I don’t see anything significant to the movie in the article.

Ciarán Hinds has a small role in the movie as well, according to this and other sources. Fangoria reveals that Hinds is “the leader of one of two warring factions” on Mars.

Taylor Kitsch plays the title character in “John Carter”. Lynn Collins is his love interest, Dejah Thoris. The movie is currently scheduled for release in 2012, the year marking the 100th anniversary of the publication of A Princess of Mars, the first of the John Carter/Barsoom books by Edgar Rice Burroughs.


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