More news about Rhine princess and her city in the trees

So like I suspected, word is spreading across the Web about this incredible archaeological find. Here are excerpts from a few more stories that I have come across.

Archaeologists Announce Stunning Rhine Valley Discovery opens with:

Eminent Dutch archaeologist Dr. Ernst Voorst announced a new discovery to the media in Basel, Switzerland this week. Dr. Voorst, Director of the Reinhard Van Gelder Institute of Anthropology and Archaeology at the University of the Rhine, has led a team in a secret excavation of an ancient woodland culture over the past year-and-a-half. The research is a follow-up to his previous study of two ancient fortresses in the Rhine valley.

Controversial Archaeologist Stuns Science World with ‘princess’ opens with:

Eminent but controversial archaeologist Dr. Ernst Voorst announced to the world earlier this week that a team of archaeologists and anthropologists from his recently established Reinhard Van Gelder Institute of Anthropology and Archaeology have excavated the first solid evidence of a once-thriving prehistoric culture in the Rhine valley.

Rhine Archaeologists Unveil First Photo of ‘Princess of the Golden Wood’ opens with:

In a stunning announcement earlier this week, Dutch archaeologist Dr. Ernst Voorst, Director of the Reinhard Van Gelder Institute at the University of the Rhine, reversed his scientific fortunes by offering up what seems to be compelling evidence that his earlier claims regarding an ancient prehistoric warring culture along the Rhine were accurate. In 2007 Dr. Voorst and his colleague/mentor Dr. Reinhard Van Gelder published a controversial report documenting two ancient fortresses in the Rhine Canyon that, the scientists claimed, had waged a long war.

Rhine Archaeologist Tries to Salvage Reputation with New Discovery opens with:

Have you heard of Dr. Reinhard Van Gelder? He was an eminant archaeologist whose career ended in disgrace and ruin after he and a colleague released a widely disputed field report in 2007 claiming to have uncovered a prehistoric European war between two fortresses on the Rhine. Van Gelder died in 2008 but he left most of his estate to the University of the Rhine to fund an institute specializing in Rhine archaeology. The institute is now headed by Dr. Ernst Voorst, the Dutch archaeologist who co-authored the controversial report.

New Discovery Reveals Ancient Tree City, Archaeologists Claim opens with:

Science can be stranger than fiction. Sometimes, science seems to compete with fiction. Take the story of Atlantis, for example. For centuries people assumed that Plato had made it all up and then archaeologists began associating the Mediterranean island of Thera with Plato’s story. Thera had been destroyed by a huge volcanic eruption, much like Atlantis in Plato’s story.

I’m just blown away by this absolutely incredible news. Think about it. An entire civilization existed along the Rhine river over 10,000 years ago and only now are scientists just beginning to see remnants of it! It makes you wonder what else is out there, waiting to be discovered.

There might be some more articles about this out there. I’ll take a look later today and see what I can find.


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