Xenite.Org interviews Tad Williams

We’ve just published an exclusive interview with author Tad Williams on Xenite.Org. You can read the 3-page interview here. Please be sure to share the link with your friends and associates. I’m sure Tad will appreciate your doing that, too.

Tad just published Shadowrise, the third volume in his Shadowmarch series, and Xenite.Org was one of several Websites invited to interview the author to help promote the book. Well, if you’ve been reading this blog or Xenite for any length of time, you know we couldn’t just leave it at that. So I gathered the team and asked them to submit as may questions as they could think of. I believe the interview went pretty well.

We talked about Tad’s thoughts on where the space program is going, how literature may make the transition to the online world over the next few years, and of course his work in comic books. You’ll find a few pictures, lots of notes, and occasional references to the Shadowmarch series (had to plug the book, after all).

He was really great about taking so many questions and getting back to us. Also, thanks to Deborah Beale (Tad’s wife and business manager) for selecting Xenite.Org to be one of the sites they worked with. The Xenite community is always open to another great interview. Through the years we have interviewed people like Ethlie Ann Vare, Ashley Miller, Michael Sinelnikoff, Steve Sears, Craig Horner, Bruce Hopkins, and more.


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