John Scalzi rebooting Piper’s fuzzy storyline

If you follow the discussions at SF-Fandom (and you should be), you would have noticed that John Scalzi was trying to reboot H. Beam Piper’s popular Little Fuzzy novel.

Apparently, TOR Books was following Scalzi because now he reports that TOR Books has picked up Fuzzy Nation.

Piper was one of the pioneers of militaristic science fiction — stories set in the future that deal with military characters, war, and the impact of military ventures on society. Little Fuzzy, published in 1964, won a Hugo Award but it was also part of what has come to be known as Piper’s Terro-Human Future History, which covers about a 700 year timeline.

Little Fuzzy is set within the Terran Federation era on the colony planet Zarathustra. One of the neat things about the story is how it delves into Colonial Jurisprudence. A favorite line of mine from the story goes something like, “You can find almost any precedent in Colonial Law.”

I never thought of Titanium the same way after reading this book.

So, congratulations to John Scalzi. Here’s hoping his rewrite is a good one.


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