District 9 star coming back to science fiction

Heat Vision is reporting that Sharlto Copley, who played the lead character Wikus Van De Merwe in “District 9” may take a leading role in an upcoming movie, “I am one of four”, which is based on a set of six children’s books that will be published later this year.

“District 9” had a pretty interesting storyline that was a thinly veiled criticism of racial policies around the world.

And that is really all I can think to say about the deal. The Heat Vision article is too short for me to summarize or quote it here. They provide some more detail about cast, writers, etc.

Science fiction and fantasy movies seem to be all the rage for now. It’s impossible to know if this will just be a “thing” that happens for a few years or if the film industry will settle on them as a long-term option. You don’t see many western movies any more but they dominated the film industry calendars for decades.


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