New Episodes for Middle-earth Talk Radio

Due to changes in URLs the most current links to various Middle-earth Talk Radio episodes are being maintained at Xenite.Org’s Middle-earth Talk Radio category.

Middle-earth Radio is undergoing some changes as I write this but I wanted to share the news of new episodes for Middle-earth Talk Radio. The site is using a temporary prefix of “new.” during the transition process.

So you can use this new temporary URL (the links should be good for a long time to come, Hawke tells me) to see the new version of Middle-earth Radio:

Episode 20 of Middle-earth Talk Radio was recorded on April 1. It’s not loading for me as I write this (so why am I announcing it?) but Hawke is working to get everything working.

HOWEVER: You can download Episode 21 right now and listen to all the stupid silliness that normally gets excised from our rants.

I should point out there is a new forum for Middle-earth Radio as well.

As you listen to Episode 21, my voice fades in and out for a while but I think we got it worked out. You’ll hear Hawke (in the raw/unedited version) help me tweak my microphone.

Hawke normally adjusts the volume when he edits the episodes. When he has time to edit Episode 21, he should fix those problems.

Anyway, there was some important news that I wanted to get out on the Web through the talk show, so Hawke graciously agreed to upload the raw, unedited file. I hope you can hear me talk about the news.


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