Slam Internet says LOTS NOT CANCELLED

Sorry for the big bold headline.

I don’t know what the full story is, but my contact at Slam says from what she has heard, Legend of the Seeker has not been cancelled.

There is a lot of confusing information being published on the Internet today, so take everything with a grain of salt.

That said, Seeker fans have latched on to what little news I’ve been able to share with some hope.

And you can also grab the widget code from Xenite.Org’s Legend of the Seeker fan site and put it on your own site.

If you do this, Slam asks that you Tweet about it (assuming you already Tweet). They are trying to monitor Twitter hash tags like #lots, #legendoftheseeker, #saveourseeker, and maybe a few others to see what fans are doing.

Anyway, is the show cancelled? I don’t know. No OFFICIAL announcements have been made.

There are four remaining first-run episodes in the second season. I’ll try to post more news in this SF-Fandom Legend of the Seeker thread when I get it.

And does anyone know what’s up with Terry Goodkind’s Website?


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