Michael Hurst joins Save The Seeker campaign

Michael Hurst is (in my opinion) one of New Zealand’s finest actors and directors. He is probably most well-known to international science fiction and fantasy fans as Iolaus from Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess.

You may not have been aware that Michael Hurst Tweets — and he has directed something like half a dozen episodes of Legend of the Seeker (as well as guest-starred as an ancient wizard of the first order).

So Michael is retweeting Dayna Porter’s latest encouragement for fans of Legend of the Seeker:

RT @Daynastunts what ever you guys are doing is obviously helping in some way, im not sure what else you can do, thank you
8 minutes ago via web

RT @Daynastunts Just dont give up hope till the official announcement!!!! Theres a reason why there hasnt been one yet
10 minutes ago via web

Go, Michael, Go! Wooohoooo!

Maybe Disney and ABC Domestic Television are hearing the fans roar after all! Let’s hope so, Seeker fans. Keep those emails and snail mails flowing!

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2 responses to “Michael Hurst joins Save The Seeker campaign

  1. No, look again. Michael Hurst does not tweet. The account you are quoting is closely associated with Michael since it is the twitter feed for the site http://www.michaelhurstnow.com, but on the twitter profile page it says, “I am not Michael”. Michael is not on any social internet site.