Entertainment Weekly trolling for Seeker fan responses

Entertainment Weekly‘s Hollywood Insider writer is trying to provoke Legend of the Seeker fans into visiting their Website to boost their page views and advertising revenues.

There is no substance to the rumor-mongering coming out of EW at this point in time. They don’t know anything new, they have no credible information or sources, and they are just trying to provoke fans into posting angry responses on their blog.

All they seem capable of doing is lobbing insults at people who have caught them by surprise. EW’s writing staff clearly didn’t expect people to ignore their trashy death sentence for a television show — so now that we’ve stepped up to the plate and called them on their yellow journalism, they’re trying to take back control of the conversation.

If ABC Studios announces that it will not renew Legend of the Seeker fans still have the option of lobbying for a movie or a mini-series.

Take my advice: DO NOT RESPOND to Entertainment Weekly.


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