Episode 20 of Middle-earth Talk Radio now online

Due to changes in URLs the most current links to various Middle-earth Talk Radio episodes are being maintained at Xenite.Org’s Middle-earth Talk Radio category.

I meant to announce this a few days ago but my schedule ran thin due to Legend of the Seeker and my travel schedule (not to mention all the work I’ve been doing under the hood for the Xenite.Org network).

So when I announced Episodes 20 and 21 last week, Episode 20 was not available for download. You can now listen to Episode 20 of Middle-earth Talk Radio. This is our April 1, 2010 episode. It was recorded on that date at any rate (if you live in HAWAII).

Hawke and I have both been very busy the past few months and we know fans wanted more episodes. In fact, we’re supposed to record another episode tonight.

And I believe we’ll be doing another live broadcast of “Raw Hobbit” (based on William Shatner’s “Raw Nerve” format) from TolkienMoot in August. TolkienMoot is held in Spokane, WA and you should fill out the RSVP form on the site if you intend to be there.


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