Xenite Legend of the Seeker store updated

In the spirit of making a quick buck — er, helping the Save the Seeker campaign, I have updated Xenite.Org’s Legend of the Seeker Store. This is an aStore I created last year through Amazon’s affiliate program. Xenite manages to bring in enough money through affiliate links and advertising to pay its server fees and that’s really all I ask.

Anyway, I had created an empty “Legend of the Seeker” category (but managed to get most if not all the Terry Goodkind Sword of Truth books in his category) and now seemed like a good time to update the aStore. I’ve added listings for every LOTS item I could find on Amazon.

LOTS fans are now actively promoting the purchase of merchandise to help prove the show can still make money. Also, the SaveOurSeeker.com fan site has apparently promised to devote part or all of its Amazon commissions to paying for the fan campaign (that site has been instrumental in raising money for a full-page ad in Variety, for example).

You can now pre-order Season 2 DvDs for Legend of the Seeker, which go on sale September 28:
<a href="Legend of the Seeker-2nd Season

And you can also buy Season 1 on DvD:
Legend of the Seeker: The Complete First Season

Xenite.Org supports the Save The Seeker fan campaign to ensure that the show is renewed for a third season (or gets a mini-series or a movie or something). Three episodes remain to be broadcast for the first time in the second season.


2 responses to “Xenite Legend of the Seeker store updated

  1. What is the legend seeker store ? i believe it is a movie isn’t it ?

    • Legend of the Seeker is a syndicated television show produced in New Zealand by Ghost House Pictures (Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert). The show is based on Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth novels. The Legend of the Seeker store is an affiliate store Xenite.org operates as part of the Amazon.com affiliate program to promote Terry Goodkind and Legend of the Seeker books and merchandise.