Kevin and Sam Sorbo now on Facebook

If you’re a Facebook user and a fan of Kevin Sorbo, you’ll want to know that he has now set up an official Facebook page. So has his wife, Sam Jenkins Sorbo.

Click here to visit Kevin Sorbo’s Official Facebook Page.

Click here to visit Sam Sorbo’s Official Facebook Page.

SF-Fandom moderator misferal posted the announcement over the weekend. I’ve just been too busy to keep up with all the news the past few days.

BTW — in case you didn’t know, Kevin Sorbo chairs A World Fit For Kids. For just a few dollars per month you can help get kids off the street and into programs that help them build success in their lives. Over 130,000 children have passed through the program in the past 15 years.

Read more on the AWFFK page.

One more thing — Facebook is resetting everyone’s privacy settings. Be sure to review your privacy settings so that you know what is being shared with third party application vendors. You now MUST change your privacy settings to ensure that your comments and discussions remain private.


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