Google takes on Web TV

Remember WEB TV? For years every Web forum operator dreaded seeing one of their customers show up because the service was incompatible with so many basic HTML form functions.

Nonetheless you met some really nice people through the service if they managed to perservere and overcome WEB TV’s limitations.

Well, now Google has decided to take the Web TV experience to a whole new level of in-screen advertising — I mean, they have just “invented” Google TV.

So watch their promo video:

You know, I can already see Google ads flashing up alongside the right side of my TV screen. They’ll monetize this baby in six different ways, selling clickable Web ads that run right next to the commercials that TV networks and stations sell to advertisers.

Where do you think the money is going to flow, baby? Is this science fiction or is this the beginning of Google’s apocalyptic vision of 1984?

Be afraid. Be very, very afraid.


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