Seeker fans’ hope ignites: Bridget Regan hints a LOTS movie may happen

First, here is the video of Bridget Regan’s interview on Attack of the Show. Notice when she starts to say “But …” after being asked if the Seeker will return and she is interrupted. What was the “but …” all about?

Well, thank GOD there was a Seeker fan or two in the audience. This_Years_Girl wrote an extensive set report about the show and she included the following:

SO THEN, after her interview, before they even CUT TO COMMERCIALS, B comes right over to us. And Kevin is like hey Bridget this is Heidi, and they say hi. And then she turns to me and I’m like *awkward pause awkward pause AWKWA-* “Hi, I’m Rachel!” and she’s like “Hi, I’m Bridget!” And I’m just like *guhhh…knowsthis* and she shakes my hand and her hands are pretty and soft (I realize I’m not coming across as particularly heterosexual at the moment but idec cuz it’s B). And then she asks us if we’re fans of the show and it’s like hmm YA I THINK SO. And she talks to us about how the show cost more money last season but maybe we could hope for a movie or something AND GUYS THIS MEANS WE NEED TO FIGHT FOR A SEEKER MOVIE FOR B NAO!!! And I was like “Pssh, you guys should just shoot it somewhere else if the currency exchange is weird. Richard and Kahlan could suddenly appear on a subway in NYC and I promise you no one would complain.” And she laughed and I died.

So, there you have it! Nothing conclusive, but who knows? Maybe a movie is in the works.

I, for one, hope so.

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