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Hawke Robinson shared the following information and I am doing my part to redistribute it. Please feel free to share this on your blogs, in your Web forums, on your mailing lists, and everywhere else you post Tolkien-related stuff online.

The sound quality issue should be vastly improved with the next episode. We finally realized that Hawke’s headset had a short in it. You can tell he is using a different one when you hear his edited (in) voiceovers. Going forward, you should hear less static and hiss in our podcasts.

The 24th episode of Middle-earth Talk Radio is now available for download, includes music from Rehtaeh.

Format: MP3
Duration: 57 minutes 21 seconds
Filesize: 78.8 MB (82,586,483 bytes)
Download URL[1]
Opening Music
Ra Tarinya (For My Queen)
by Rehtaeh
From the album “Awakened” [2]

Topics Discussed

  • Tyra Banks – ModelLand
  • Previously unexibited print by Tolkien called “Lamb’s Farm, Gedling” to be shown
  • Filming for The Hobbit Movie beginning in Novement 2010?
  • Smaug Stein
  • Mads Hobbit Hole Blog – Doll House model on Bag End
  • Brief reading from The Hobbit about Hobbit Hole
  • The Eowyn Challenge
  • Expanding the show range of discussion, please comment!
  • How much do Dwarves weigh?
  • Can Dwarves swim?
  • Dragonlance Dwarves vs. Tolkien Dwarves
  • Battle of alternate passages
  • Reading and discussion of Letter #31, 24 July 1938, letter to Mr Furth, explaining delay in sequel to The Hobbit, and his work on Farmer Giles
  • Word “mythologies” – Michael feels vindicated. 😉
  • Michael reads from Book of Lost Tales – Chapter VIII – The Tale of the Sun and Moon – Christopher Tolkien’s introduction.
  • Michael reads the “Shibboleth of Feanor” – The Peoples of Middle-earth – The History of Middle-earth XII – and the word shibboleth defined (ad naseum)
  • “Feanor was a momma’s boy” – Michael Martinez
  • Tolkien’s representation of insight into psychological theory as expressed through his characters such as Feanor, Aragorn, and others, in the face of critics claiming the characters were too 2 dimensional
  • Thanks to Christopher Tolkien for making all this extra material available over the decades
  • Reminder Rehtaeh performing at this years upcoming TolkienMoot
  • Our Middle-earth Talk Show now has dedicated domain(s): [3] or


Closing Music
Rohan Warrior
by Rehtaeh
From the album “Awakened” [4]


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