Seeker fan campaign update

American Legend of the Seeker fans received some happy news today: Craig Horner is moving to Los Angeles and apparently just flew over last night, according to fellow actor Gabriel Mann (who played the young Zeddicus on the show).

Fans are starting to talk about organizing Legend of the Seeker and Sword of Truth initiatives for science fiction conventions. There will be a Seeker fan consuite at Dragon*Con 2010, for example.

If you want to get involved with promoting Legend of the Seeker and/or the Sword of Truth books at your local convention, then head over to’s Seeker Convention Circuit discussion. I’ll help promote these convention activities through the Xenite.Org network (which includes this blog).

The Save Our Seeker ad campaign has purchased a month-long bus stop ad near the ABC offices in Burbank, CA.

I’m asking fans to create TIME cover mockups with Craig Horner and Cosmopolitan cover mockups with Bridget Regan.

You can see many of the fan covers already done in this SF-Fandom discussion for Craig and this SF-Fandom discussion for Bridget.

Some naysayers are trying to discourage people from participating in this initiative. I’m asking people to make the effort because it’s different, it makes a statement, and it really can create visibility for the Save Our Seeker campaign.

Also, the International Seeker Fan Video Project has published a teaser video.

They promise to get the main video up soon and are already discussing more ideas. You can follow their LOTS Video account at YouTube rather than wait for updates here.


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