Middle-earth Talk Radio Episode 25 online now

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Actually, it’s been online for several days. I was at a conference this week and just haven’t been able to catch up on everything I’m supposed to be doing.

You can download Middle-earth Talk Radio Episode 25: May 31, 2010 here.

Format: MP3
Duration:56 minutes 36 seconds
Filesize:77.7 MB (81,516,322 bytes)

Opening Music: “She Walks in Beauty” from the album Elementaria
by Rehtaeh

Topics Discussed

  • Thank you to all the military veterans who make it possible for us to have the freedom we have.
  • Big news – Del Toro resigns as director for The Hobbit movies, now what?
  • theonering.net “slashdotted” and the “slashdot effect”
  • Peter Jackson’s old Zombie gory spoof movie “Dead Alive”
  • Are there zombies in Middle-earth in his books?
  • What makes a zombie a zombie?
  • The Hobbit play in Norwich Theater – Roy Marsden
  • Another Hobbit play in Liverpool at the Empire
  • Terry Goodkind’s “Sword of Truth” Series, “Legend of the Seeker”, David Eddings Belgariad
  • Books vs. eBooks vs. PDFs
  • Civilization III vs. Civ IV (Michael thinks Civ IV “sucks”)
  • Harvard courses on Tolkien available online, Mark Zender Ph.D., how Tolkien uses language in storytelling
  • British Petroleum Gulf Oil Spill
  • Adventuring in the Second Age of Middle-earth
  • Yahoo Fan Modules Group
  • The Numenor Project
  • The Numenor Project First Contact Series
  • Classical civilization vs. medieval civilization for Middle-earth settings
  • No Inns?
  • Area later known as Andrast, peninsula in what would be far western Gondor many centuries later.
  • Primitive early Men prior to the Numenoreans helping raise them from the darkness.
  • Orcs and their daylight and night vision
  • Story of Tal-Elmar …. Part IV of Peoples of Middle-earth
  • A real palace that could be considered “Elvish” in design according to Michael (make this image for news announcements)
  • How role playing games encourages research
  • Second Age 1200 to 1600
  • When would precursor/proto-hobbits first appear and where
    Adunaic glossary

Closing Music: “Métima Lenda (Final Journey)”from the album Elementaria
by Rehtaeh

You can download and listen to ALL episodes of Middle-earth Talk Radio at the official Middle-earth Talk Radio Website http://www.middleearthtalk.com/ (and why didn’t he include “radio” in the URL? — who knows?).


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