TOR supports the iPad with free science fiction

The L.A. Times blog is reporting that TOR Books is making four award-winning stories available as free downloads and that they can be found in the iBookstore as well.

I’ve never really been a fan of closed, proprietary technologies and Apple’s attempts to push back against open platforms have not convinced me to give up the OTHER closed, proprietary technology to which I have become addicted (Microsoft’s Windows). I’ve long preferred UNIX platforms but I’ve watched enough friends struggle to get Linux-based machines to integrate with Windows-based apps that I just threw in the towel long ago.

So sue me for not crusading against Microsoft.

Still, I’m glad to see that TOR wants to support electronic literature but I seriously doubt we’ll see a major transition to eBooks just yet because no one can agree on a universal platform. eBooks MUST become ubiquitous before people will really accept them. Eye strain was never a realistic excuse, in my experience, because the people who insisted that they wouldn’t read eBooks due to eyestrain were spending all day on their computers reading emails, news group postings, Websites, documents, etc.

Maybe now that you can curl up in bed with a Kindle or an iPad you have only one last excuse: both leading vendors of eBook technologies are trying to own the medium. That’s equivalent to RandomHouse trying to own all paper-related technologies.


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