Forum admins: Block all user accounts that refer to

A Web spam community based at is running a “link building” contest where they encourage their members to invade your forums and blogs with fake user accounts. In order to gain credit for their competitive link entries, they have to embed a link back to their own member profiles on in the profile pages they create on YOUR blogs and forums.

This kind of filthy, unethical behavior is NOT condoned by ethical or professional search engine optimization practitioners.

You should take these steps immediately to ensure that your forums and blogs are not being used by these people to win their stupid contest:

  • Delete ALL user accounts whose member profiles link back to
  • Modify your robots.txt file to block search engine crawlers from indexing your member profile pages (you can just put “Disallow: *profile* if you don’t know exactly how to do this)
  • Turn on all confirming functions that help your forums and blogs verify user accounts, including email confirmation and use of CAPTCHA images
  • Ban all domain names that are associated with these member profile accounts so they cannot be used to create new accounts
  • Look for any user profiles that include the word “man” in any profile field like “interests” — this is an indication that the user account was created with software
  • Delete ALL user accounts that are awaiting confirmation after 1 day
  • Delete ALL user accounts that have 0 post counts and which were registered with odd looking domain names

If you have friends who run forums or blogs, please share this article with them so they can start checking to make sure they are not being used for someone else’s personal gain. Last year Google announced that it may penalize blogs and forums that allow these kinds of links to remain on their Websites. That may not seem fair to the forum and blog operators, but if you depend on Google for visitor referrals then you need to abide by their guidelines.

And, trust me, a lot of these link spammers are pointing to Websites you DON’T want to send your members to. For more advice and information about how Web spammers work, take a look at the articles I have written on the SEO Theory blog’s Web spam category.


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