Middle-earth Talk Radio to livecast on July 18 with Rehtaeh

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A message from Hawke Robinson: Greetings fellow Tolkien enthusiasts,

The 28th episode of Middle-earth Talk Radio is going to have a special guest, Rehtaeh (Heather Downing), on the upcoming show, and we will attempt to broadcast it live so that listeners may may interact with the hosts and guest.


This live broadcast will be taking place this Sunday, July 18th, at 2:00 pm Pacific Time. You will be able to tune in via Stream #4 to listen. If the technology for a live broadcast does not quite work out, we will be sure to quickly post the recorded show that afternoon on the website for download.


Also please post (in advance, or during the show) any questions you have for Rehtaeh, in the forum on the website, or in the interactive chatroom.

Rehtaeh has several albums available for purchase, and is working on another album. She also recently returned from a trip to New Zealand, and hopes for the possibility of performing for the upcoming Hobbit movies.

IRC server: irc.merp.com
Room: #broadcast

She will also be performing at this year’s Tolkien Moot 2010, August 13-15 (hurry and RSVP).


It would be great if folks tuned in, and asked lots of great questions. She is not a Tolkien Scholar, but is fairly proficient in Tolkien’s Elvish, having written several songs in Quenya. You can get some samples of her music by listening to the last several Middle-earth Radio talk show introduction and ending music, and at her website:


Hope you can tune in!



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