Listen to Rehtaeh on Middle-earth Talk Radio Episode 28

Due to changes in URLs the most current links to various Middle-earth Talk Radio episodes are being maintained at Xenite.Org’s Middle-earth Talk Radio category.

The fully edited version of the July 18 episode of Middle-earth Talk Radio is now available for download at Middle-earth Talk Radio Episode 28.

Elvish singer Rehtaeh (Heather Downing – and joined us for about 90 minutes, give or take (plus or minus portions edited out).

Heather will be a guest at this year’s Tolkien Moot in Spokane, WA the weekend of August 13-15. Tolkien Moot is continuation of the 5-year MERPCon annual gaming and Tolkien scholarship review. Past guests have included John D. Rateliff (The History of the Hobbit), Thomas Morwinsky (MERP maps), and Chris Seeman (Other Hands journal and various scholarly articles) — and me.

Heather will be performing live at Tolkien Moot and she will also be a special guest on “Raw Hobbit”, a 1-hour show I premiered at the 2009 Tolkien Moot that is based upon/inspired by William Shatner’s “Raw Nerve”. The gaming sessions and panels are streamed live over the Internet so you can watch online.

Heather recently returned from New Zealand, where she toured the Hobbit set and signed a non-disclosure agreement. Although she talks a little bit about her experience it’s not much of a spy report but I think fans will be very interested.

Middle-earth Radio has included Rehtaeh’s music in its song list of more than 1,000-related Tolkien-inspired songs and we have featured several songs from her albums on past episodes of Middle-earth Talk Radio.

Hawke Robinson and I co-host Middle-earth Talk Radio. You can see a detailed list of the topics we cover in the episode at the Episode 28 page. I hope you’ll join us for Tolkien Moot, as this year promises to be a very special one.


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