Brandon Routh for Superman

Cinema Blend has an article saying Brandon Routh would like to reprise the role of Superman in the franchise reboot.

I think he did a good job in “Superman Returns” and should get a chance to do the role. We have a little more discussion at SF-Fandom.

Superman is almost a ubiquitous character. It’s not that anyone can play him, but so many people have played him: Kirk Alyn, George Reeves, Christopher Reeve, Dean Cain, Tom Welling, Brandon Routh (to name those I have heard about). And the character is really two characters — Superman (Kal-El) and Clark Kent. Many of the actors have said they prefer doing Clark to Kal because Clark is the more conflicted character, hence more interesting.

Nonetheless, it really takes a certain style to be Superman. I’m not sure I would ever have been comfortable with Nicolas Cage as Superman (he was rumored to want the role at one point). I enjoy Cage’s movies but he just isn’t a Superman-style actor to me.

So here is my vote for Brandon Routh as Superman.

Whom would you like to see play the role?


One response to “Brandon Routh for Superman

  1. Tom Welling can do a much better job than him. He deserves a chance to be in the rebooted film and the future producer and director needs to realize that.