Additional Promo Articles for Tolkien Moot

I guess I can’t post these links every day but here are a few more promos for the upcoming Tolkien Moot. The facility is much larger this year and I was talking with Hawke this morning. I’ve been complaining about the pictures he posts of me on the Middle-earth Talk Radio site so he may set up his camera and backlighting stuff at the con and do some portrait shots for people. Now, I’m not saying everyone will get a free professional portfolio. I’m just saying he may take some really nice pictures to post online or something. So I need to get a haircut….

I’m debating whether I should try to Tweet from the con. Haven’t really thought about that. I’m not much of a Tweeter, to be honest (most of what you see from the SF_Fandom and Xenite_Org accounts is autoposted through Twitterfeed). Anyway, I’ll give it some thought and make a decision.


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