Heather Downing singing “Could we start again, please?”

If you’re familiar with the soundtrack of “Jesus Christ: Superstar” you have probably heard this song. And if you take communion in church, you may have heard this song as (so I have only just recently learned) apparently many progressive churches play this song in communion services.

Heather Downing, who records Elvish music as Rehtaeh, will be appearing as a guest at next weekend’s Tolkien Moot, which will be livecast across the Web throughout the weekend. You’ll be able to see Heather perform 3 times during the weekend. This video, uploaded to YouTube earlier this year, doesn’t really do her voice justice.

You can, of course, hear several of Heather’s songs at her Website: www.rehtaehmusic.com. Or you can sample the CD at Amazon (Elementaria). I bought the MP3 download version of the CD for less than $8.

Andy Perkins and Heather Downing perform “Could We Start Again, Please?” from Jesus Christ: Superstar


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