Grooving to Sarah Gregory and the Gregory Brothers…

So where have I been? Um, I have no excuses. I’ve just been busy. But while taking a break earlier today I found the strangest video on a major news site — and that in turn led me to this video featuring viral sensation Sarah Gregory.

I don’t know much about Sarah (other than that she has an incredible singing voice) but she apparently has quite a presence on the Web. You can check out her adoring fans on Sarah Gregory’s Facebook page. I guess that’s her page, but you never know.

Sarah also has a MySpace page where you can watch videos of her in action in New York, I think. She definitely has some MoTown sound in her soul.

There IS a science fiction/fantasy connection to all this. But you’ll have to watch this funny video to see it:

BTW — I admit I’ve only just learned about Auto-Tune the News and the Gregory Brothers. Better late than never, I suppose.

Long live the Lollipop Guild!


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