SF-Fandom Turned 10 Today, March 6

March 6, 2001 was a very special day for members of the Xenite.Org forum community: they got their own domain for Web-based discussions in SF-Fandom.com. Xenite.Org has continued to publish great articles and interviews in the years since splitting off the forums, but SF-Fandom has become the heart of the Xenite network in so many ways.

Our fan discussions have delved deep into the mysteries of Middle-earth and Narnia, shared Fan Fiction and Fan Poems, and we have explored ancient history with an eye toward cool, fantastic facts.

We’ve introduced embedded videos, aligned images, experimented with RSS feeds, and now thanks to the latest versions of the VBulletin software you can register or login with your Facebook account, share your posts with your friends on Facebook, or even write your own SF-Fandom blogs.

And we’re looking forward to adding so many more cool features and content in the future.

So come browse our discussions but if there is something you’d like to share with thousands of other science fiction fans, don’t be shy. We’ll be glad to hear what you have to say.

Happy Birhday, SF-Fandom! Here’s looking forward to another great 10 years!


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