Help Make a SciFi Movie – Pledge $5 by April 21

SF-Fandom has published an interview with Latina film-maker Shawna Baca, who is hoping to raise enough money to make the first of three planned science fiction movies.

Shawna Baca grew up in the film industry and she has made a name for herself over the past few years with short films and TV commercials. She was also selected by Steven Spielberg to appear on the 2007 Fox Reality show “On the Lot”.

Shawna Baca’s latest project is a series of films that begins with “Ascended Masters”, but there is a catch to the development of the project: Instead of looking for traditional funding, she has turned to the Internet to seek help from fans and future viewers.

Baca set up a 60-day plan through Kickstarter to raise $20,000 for “Ascended Masters”. SF-Fandom agreed to help promote the project but ran into server issues that prevented the site from publishing an interview with Baca until today.

Although April 21 is less than 48 hours away (as I write this), there is still time for people to spread the word about the project and make pledges. You won’t be charged unless the full $20,000 goal is met.

This is a cool project and I encourage everyone to spread the word and make a contribution. In fact, I’m asking my readers to help out by Tweeting or discussing the project and spreading the word. I think it’s a worthwhile project and it deserves our support.


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