Legend of the Seeker fans planning Craig Horner birthday Tweetabration

Fans of actor Craig Horner are organizing a January 24, 2012 2-hour tweetathon to wish Craig Horner, former star of Legend of the Seeker, a happy birthday.

From 12 noon to 2 PM Pacific Time the Seeker fans will be Tweeting birthday wishes and reminiscing about Legend of the Seeker. They’ll be using scheduling services like Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, and Timely.Is to populate their Twitter accounts with Craig Horner posts.

The Tweetabration will be using the hash tag #craighorner. You can stay in touch with preparations for the Tweetathon by following the SF-Fandom Seeker Fans Twitter account. The Seeker Fans account has been sharing links to still-active Legend of the Seeker fan sites and reminding science fiction and fantasy fans that the Legend of the Seeker fan community isn’t about to go away.

Seeker fans have been showing their support at science fiction and fantasy conventions and making donations to the Save Our Seeker campaign fund to help promote the show.

Legend of the Seeker ran for two seasons in syndication but in March 2010 the Tribune Company filed for bankruptcy. To reduce costs they stopped broadcasting expensive productions like Legend of the Seeker and instead turned to low-budget talk shows and other cheap fare. Unfortunately, ABC Studios were unable to put together another distribution deal (although they seem only to have tried to get SyFy to pick up the show).

SyFy made half-hearted efforts to test the Legend of the Seeker market by running 24-hour Seekerthons 2-3 times that year but they did not like the numbers they saw.

Fans of the TV show have been looking to online distributors like Hulu and Netflix, hoping they’ll try to strike a deal to carry new seasons of the show. At this time you can now watch both seasons that were produced on both services.

Because Terry Goodkind has expressed support for the fans, the fan community still hopes he might find someone to put together a movie deal if a TV show doesn’t work out.

Would that mean Craig Horner could return as Richard Cypher/Rahl? Would Bridget Regan return as Kahlan Amnell? Fans would be delighted at the prospect, but both actors have had to get on with their lives since being released from their contracts in the summer of 2010. Bridget has since gotten married and given birth to a daughter.

Still, you never know what comes next. The Legend of the Seeker fans may not be the dominant group among Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth fandom but they are still a force to be reckoned with.

You’re invited to come along and show your support for the show (remember, you can still watch it on Hulu and Netflix). Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert may have moved on, but someone else may find a way to make it happen, especially given how online production is starting to look feasible. In another year or two we may see some major science fiction and fantasy productions supported exclusively through the Internet.


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