Have you checked out scifi film “Third Contact”?

Simon Horrocks produced an independent film, “Third Contact”, starring Tim Scott-Walker as Dr. David Wright, a therapist who stumbles across a weird pattern of suicides that don’t seem normal. He finds himself in a race against time as he struggles to unravel the mystery.

Simon recently reached out to SF-Fandom for help in spreading the word about this small-budget British production. You can read an article about the project on SF-Fandom: Independent SciFi Film “Third Contact” Looks at Life and Death.

Simon also shared his “Third Contact” press kit interview and “Third Contact” production stills for use in SF-Fandom forum discussions.

Here is the “Third Contact” teaser:

And here is the full “Third Contact” trailer:

Simon is looking for opportunities to show his movie at science fiction and independent film festivals. Please contact him if you can suggest any (or I’ll be glad to pass on the information).


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