Quick Word on “The Avengers”

I loved the movie.  I have already seen it more than once.  But “The Avengers” should never have been converted to 3-D. They did an absolutely awful post-production conversion job. I will from now on only watch “The Avengers” in 2-D. It looks great just that way.

For more on the 3-D versus 2-D experience you can read my review at SF-Fandom or check out what the SciFi Guy at Communizine has to say.

We’ve all been waiting for this film for a long time. I saw a few comments on the Web about the plot being spoiled by all the trailers that had been released. I really don’t think that was the case. There were enough undisclosed twists and turns left that I was amused, amazed, surprised, and touched by many scenes I didn’t know existed.

If you one of the three people left on Earth who are still dithering about whether to go see the movie, GO SEE IT (but not in 3-D).


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