Comparing “The Hobbit” to “The Lord of the Rings”

Have you wondered how Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit” will differ from Peter Jackson’s “The Lord of the Rings”? SciFi Guy over at Communizine has written a thoughtful comparison of the changes that will distinguish the two movie trilogies from each other.

Aside from the obvious fact that both trilogies are based on different books, SciFi Guy looks at the impact of technology, tone, and audience expectations. This time around things are different in part because we know some of what to expect in terms of how Peter Jackson will portray Middle-earth.

Not everyone is happy about the effect the “Hobbit” movies are having on the world’s perception of New Zealand. A press release published on Scoop, New Zealand’s leading online news site calls for an organized protest against a new free trade agreement with the United States and other nations. Needless to say, the Tolkienesque metaphors used in the press release have rankled some people.

On the other hand, maybe the press release is just a lark joining in on the fun (but you have to wonder what the Tolkien Estate will think of all that).

Meanwhile, over on Xenite.Org’s Middle-earth Website there are now about 80 articles that mention Peter Jackson and/or his movies. A surprising number of fan questions related to “The Hobbit” film franchise have inspired many in-depth articles about the books.

We’ll probably have much to discuss in the area of movies-versus-books for a long time to come.


One response to “Comparing “The Hobbit” to “The Lord of the Rings”

  1. JRR Tolkein’s books were inspirations for me- I loved how in-depth he got with his characters. With the books for LOTR and The Hobbit, he of course has similar depth to story. It will be interesting to see the movie.