Quick Roundup of Things Happening in the SF-Fandom Sphere

Due to extensive influenza January was a really bad month for me. I have unfortunately been slow to react to a few science fiction fandom activities and have had to neglect most of my Web activity.

Nonetheless, I wanted to note that Legend of the Seeker fans will celebrate Bridget Regan’s birthday this Sunday, February 3. Of course, that is Super Bowl day and we know millions of people will be watching the Super Bowl.

Speaking of the Super Bowl, our sister site Communizine has published a Super Bowl Menus and Menu Ideas article for 2013. The team actually published another Super Bowl Menus & Menu Ideas article in 2011.

Super Bowl munchies are good not only for watching football games but also for watching your favorite science fiction and fantasy movies and TV shows. While I was ill I managed to watch a few episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine on Hulu+ (they have all seasons and the + service only costs about $10 a month).

While I am plugging Communizine on I want to mention that they have shared a red velvet cake recipe article that explains what you want to do in order to make a great red velvet cake.

In January the Middle-earth Blog at Xenite.Org ran a contest to select five random people to win copies of 2 recently published books about The Hobbit. The Winners Were Announced earlier today.

And while we’re discussing the Mayans (okay, we’re not but now we are) the SF-Fandom Historian explored the last 13 Baktuns in December (you should read the article to see why all the “end of the world” hype was extremely misplaced).


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